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Marketing Translation Services

In today’s world, communicating your message to a global audience is essential. Transmitting your message in the right way, in a way that customers will want to actually have your product or service, is key to a successful marketing strategy.

At Tango Federal Translation Services, we work hard to convey the tone of your message. Trust us for your next marketing translations!

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Your Multilingual Marketing Strategy

Trust us for your global marketing strategy: we can translate a wide range of marketing materials, such as press releases, websites, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, brochures, media kits, and much more! The result: a unified tone for all your communication pieces.

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Translation vs. Transcreation

Translation and transcreation are very related processes, but they are not identical. The best translations take into account the vocabulary, grammar, syntax, idiom and local usage of the target audience while remaining faithful to the text, and context, of the original document. Transcreation expands upon translation by focusing not so much on the literal text, but on discerning the emotional response by viewers in the source language and working to elicit the same response from viewers in the target market. It is about “taking a concept in one language and recreating it in another.

We can definitely do it!

We help our clients reach global audiences through our dedicated marketing translation and transcreation team. Whatever your needs, we are there for you.

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