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About Tango Federal Translations

Legal Translation Services

Tango Federal Translations provides legal translation services for contracts, agreements, discovery documents, and compliance documentation as well as machine translation solutions for high-volume projects.

For litigation and other matters, we translate foreign-language documents identified during discovery including business correspondence, technical documents and electronically stored data (ESI).

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what we do

We provide linguistic support to companies

We help companies improve their translation process, save on translation costs through new approaches and work strategies. We improve your translation spend with no final quality resignation.

Intellectual property Rights

Patent Translation

Businesses spend millions translating their patents in order to protect their hard-earned intellectual property rights in international market. Due to the highly technical nature of patents requiring both subject matter expertise and professional law experience, ordinary translation companies are unable to consistently achieve linguistic accuracy and technical exactness.

According to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), rights granted by a U.S. patent have no effect in foreign countries.

And with today’s globalized marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights in foreign countries where your company conducts its business.

IP Translations
Project Management